Statkraft magazine

In our People & Power magazine you can learn about Statkraft's activities and read articles about the energy sector. You can download the entire magazine in PDF format.

  • No. 2/2017
    Rundedal solar energy park will help the Netherlands meet its climate targets. Statkraft's solar team in Amsterdam kept the construction process on track. Also, the magazine focuses on the changing energy market – from few and large customers to many and diverse. How does cooperation with customers improve Statkraft?
  • No. 1/2017
    Haakon Alfstad heads the new unit for all major projects in Statkraft. Come along to the Fosen wind farm project in Norway and the Moglice hydropower plant project in Albania.
  • No. 3/2016
    In addition to producing pure energy, hydropower means providing jobs in rural areas, developing infrastructure, and sometimes resolving conflicts.
  • No. 2/2016
    Fosen will be Europe's largest onshore wind farm. What can the project learn from Statkraft's major investment in central Sweden?
  • No. 3/2015
    Executive Vice President Jürgen Tzschoppe has his eye on the future. He believes the eagerness of consumers to find their own power supply solutions will affect the entire energy market.
  • No. 2/2015
    It all began with a small waterfall. 120 years later, CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen heads Europe's leading energy company with operations in more than 20 countries.
  • No. 1/2015
    Statkraft's critical data is stored 900 metres inside a mountain, but it takes more than a physical barrier to protect the systems against increasing threats.
  • No. 4/2014
    A glacier front collapsed, and two billion litres of water disappeared. Vidar Riber recently saw the consequences of climate change up close.
  • No. 3/2014
    Main theme: Entering into partnerships allows Statkraft to access new markets, develop expertise and reinvest. Trust, shared goals and values are the keys to success.
  • No. 2/2014
    Main theme:At the foot of the mighty Andes mountains, 900 construction workers are in the process of building a new hydropower plant. Statkraft is an important player in Peru, a country with proud renewable energy traditions.
  • No. 1/2014
    Main theme: Renewable energy plays a decisive role in the new climate economy. Statkraft R&D is fully focused on finding out where power production will be profitable in the future.
  • No. 3/2013
    Main theme: Despite the power surplus, Statkraft is renovating old power plants like never before. Why?
  • No. 2/2013
    Main theme: Sharn Ward works on a unique technique to secure offshore wind energy turbines to the seabed.
  • No. 1/2013
    Main theme: People&Power followed the chief financial officer on one of the most demanding days of the year.
  • No. 4/2012
    Main theme: Dennis van Veelen brought his family with him from Holland to start a new job in Norway. Meet him and other Statkraft employees who have moved.
  • No. 3/2012 
    Main theme: A decade of wind
  • No. 2/2012
    Main theme: Making India a little greener
  • No. 1/2012
    Main theme: Preparedness; Conquered the storm
  • No. 4/2011
    Main theme: The alarm goes off at Statkraft's run of river plant when the Weser eels head for the Sargossa sea.
  • No. 3/2011
    Main theme: Geir Asker is Statkraft’s first offshore worker.
  • No. 2/2011
    Main theme: Nuclear power in Germany, unrest in the Middle East and wild salmon migration.
  • No. 1/2011
    Main theme: HSE to the world. New markets set new requirements for health and safety.
  • No. 4/2010
    Main theme:wind makes water even more important Jon Ulrik Haaheim is ready for the next generation of hydropower.
  • No. 3/2010
    Main theme:Tending to the water Marilyn Marskar makes sure the hydropower is clean.
  • No. 2/2010
    Main theme: Back on top - Christian Rynning-Tønnesen left statkraft in 2005. Now he is back − as CEO.
  • No. 1/2010
    Main theme: Anne takes on social responsibility. And now she twitters like never before– on the job.
  • No. 4/2009
    Main theme:4000 visitors - “Overwhelming response,” say Abigail and Leanne at the visitors’ centre in Wales.
  • No. 3/2009
    Main theme:For the common good, SN Power wants to produce more than clean energy.
  • No. 2/2009
    Main theme:Keeper of the Statkraft Jewels - Erling Nystad (pictured) loves power plants.
  • No. 1/2009
    Main theme:Operations technician Terje Brandt is working in some of Norway’s most powerful natural scenery – Svartisen.