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Statkraft highlights the role of carbon free grid stability developments at the ETIDEX Net Zero Generation and Distribution summit

09 Nov, 2021

Guy Nicholson, Head of Grid Integration UK for Statkraft, joined industry experts at the Energy Transition Idea Exchange virtual summit. Hosted by Energy Voice ahead of COP26, Guy shared Statkraft’s ambitious program of development including wind, solar, and particularly grid services in the UK.

Working in the renewable sector for 30 years, Guy spoke of witnessing vast changes to the energy network and massive cultural change in the energy industry over that time. He recounted how the energy industry in the UK approached renewable sources with initial apprehension before realising that methods and skills that the industry used could lead to cost savings. And the GB electricity market began to evolve. 
Statkraft has been at the forefront of developing new solutions to protect and enhance the grid. Working with General Electric, Guy explained Statkraft’s role in delivering new Greener Grid Parks across the UK, with the Keith project in Scotland recently energised. 
Greener Grid Parks are a key part of the UK’s future grid, as the operator, National Grid, builds to operating the energy network with no input from carbon emitting power for at least one day by 2025 and 365 days a year by 2030.  
Despite the advancements made by energy companies in the UK, Guy stressed that the industry continued to face challenges, calling for greater flexibility for developers. 
To listen back to the full webinar, click here