Local benefits and investments

Local benefits

We would like our wind farms to be considered a local asset and are keen to work with communities to ensure that they bring value over their project lifetime. Wind energy brings clean, local power and community funding.

We are committed to setting up a Community Benefit Fund in each of our project locations.

We have established 10 community benefit funds with over £450,000 already distributed to local projects and initiatives. Examples include education, energy efficiency, a local community shop, facilities for community halls and playground equipment. What does your community need?

Shared Ownership

We have ambitions for more of our renewable energy projects to have an element of shared ownership. We actively explore all options with local communities, with the support of organisations such as Local Energy Scotland.

Local Investment

We have a history of ensuring local businesses benefit first and foremost by making a commitment to prioritising local suppliers. Our award-winning approach aims to maximise the amount retained locally - we believe that suppliers nearest to our projects deserve an opportunity to get involved.

Education & Enterprise

We welcome ideas on how our wind projects can directly or indirectly benefit those who are in education or training, or support local businesses. In the past our development projects have committed to establishing local training funds to support local residents further their employment opportunities, and worked with local education providers to open opportunities for new trainees. Contact us if you have an idea for your area.


Local suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through inward investment, and many local companies who may not have worked on a wind project before would be suited to get involved in their local wind farm supply chain.

Our approach aims to maximise the amount retained locally by facilitating "Meet the Buyer" events, maintaining a suppliers database and connecting with regional business representatives.

A range of suppliers and services are needed to build a wind farm:

  • Construction companies
  • Drainage contractors
  • Material suppliers (concrete, stone etc.)
  • Building materials
  • Building merchants
  • Fuel providers
  • Builders
  • Plant hire
  • Accommodation
  • Temporary site office hire
  • Waste management
  • Car hire and taxis
  • Security
  • Fencing contractors