Baillie Wind Farm


Located near Thurso in the Scottish Highlands, Baillie Wind Farm has been operational since 2013. The project consists of 21 turbines, each with a capacity of 2.5 MW and with a tip height of 110m and has a total capacity of 52.5MW.

In a typical year, Baillie Wind Farm provides power for the equivalent of 42,800 homes.
Baillie Wind Farm is owned by a joint venture including Statkraft and local landowners.

Community Benefit Fund
Baillie Wind Farm provides a Community Fund worth over £130,000 per year made up off two components: A Community Benefit Fund worth over £104,000 and the Caithness Business Fund worth over £26,000. The Community Benefit Fund is available throughout the lifetime of the wind farm and is available for groups, projects and initiatives within the West Caithness Community Council. For more information on how to apply for funding, please see the wind farm’s local web site for more information contact details.