Energy Management Facility, Swansea

Dörverden, Germany

We are proposing an Energy Management Facility near the Swansea North National Grid Substation, and have created this webpage to provide an opportunity for you to comment or ask questions.


Energy Management Facility, Swansea North

Arcus Consultancy Service Ltd has been commissioned by Statkraft UK Ltd to undertake a pre-application consultation in accordance with Part 1A of the Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) Order 2012 and the Planning Applications (Temporary Modifications and Disapplication) (Wales) (Coronavirus) Order 2020.

The consultation relates to a full planning application for the construction of an energy management facility with associated access and landscaping.

The draft application documents including drawings and technical reports can be viewed on this website. Printed copies are available upon request by email or phoning 0800 772 0668.

We want to make sure you have the information you need. For questions related to the proposed development:

Phone:  0800 772 0668
Write:   Freepost Statkraft (no further address details or stamp required)

The Applicant

The Applicant is Statkraft UK Ltd. Statkraft is Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy; producing hydropower, wind power, solar power, battery storage, gas-fired power, and supplying district heating. Read more about us here.

The Purpose of the Development

The Development is intended to support National Grid with their ambition to manage a carbon-free grid by 2025 and the general decarbonisation of the electricity supply.  This also ties into the UK’s commitments to achieve a NetZero status by 2050.

Integrating renewable energy into the grid is a growing challenge, as the volume of renewable energy increases and fossil fuel power stations close. It is increasingly likely there will be peaks and troughs in energy supply and demand in Wales.

National Grid ESO explains the challenge here

Renewable technologies are intermittent as the amount of energy generated is dependent on weather conditions. It is therefore necessary to balance demand and supply in order to prevent shortages and blackouts. This Development represents a piece in the puzzle to solve how our energy network can accommodate a carbon-free future.

As an innovative technology, the Development will provide a flexible and rapid release of electricity to allow the National Grid to regulate electricity supply and demand without greenhouse gas emissions. Conversely, the Development will also have the capacity to absorb electricity quickly which will allow for the oversupply of the grid to be managed.

The Development

The Application Site is located to the west of Rhydypandy Road, Morriston, east of the existing Swansea North National Grid Substation and southwest of the planned Abergelli Power Station, as shown on the Location Plan. The site has been selected due to its proximity to Swansea North National Grid Substation, preventing the need for lengthy transmission cables.

The Development will include the following elements, as shown on the Site Layout Plan:

  • Energy management system building containing grid balancing equipment and E-houses
  • 12 containerised battery storage units
  • 6 inverters
  • 2 transformers
  • 4 coolers
  • 1 control room
  • 1 switchgear container
  • 1 diesel generator (for back-up use only)
  • Security fencing and fire wall
  • 4 security columns with CCTV cameras and lights
  • Access track extension of the existing access road to the National Grid Substation (intended to be shared with the Drax Abergelli Power Station)
  • Landscape enhancements (e.g. woodland planting)

The Development will incorporate a landscape scheme to provide visual screening and enhance the biodiversity value of the site. The application will include a full set of planning drawings, a planning, design and access statement and technical reports as follows:

  • Noise Assessment
  • Landscape and Visual Appraisal
  • Green Infrastructure Statement and Biodiversity Metric Assessment
  • Transport Statement
  • Drainage and Flood Consequence Assessment
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal including Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey
  • Arboricultural Report and Impact Assessment

Commenting on the proposal

Comments on the proposal can be provided by completing a comments form and returning:

  • by email -
  • by post -    Freepost Statkraft (no further address details or stamp required)

Closing date for comments is 25 July 2020. Comments received after this date will be accepted but will not be considered in relation to the final application submitted.

Proposal Documents

Title Size Type
Planning, Design & Access Statement 0.6MB .PDF
Landscape and Visual Appraisal 10MB .PDF
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal including Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey 4.7MB .PDF
Noise Assessment 1.5MB .PDF
Green Infrastructure & Biodiversity Metric Assessment 5.5MB .PDF
Arboricultural Report and Impact Assessment 2.1MB .PDF
Drainage and Flood Consequence Assessment 1MB .PDF
Transport Statement 1.8MB .PDF
Drawing 001 - Site Location 3.8MB .PDF
Drawing 002 - Constraints 5.1MB .PDF
Drawing 003A - Proposed Site Layout Plan - Main Compound 0.4MB .PDF
Drawing 003B - Proposed Site Layout - Block Plan 0.4MB .PDF
Drawing 004 Indicative Battery Container 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 005 - Indicative Inverter Cabinets 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 006 - Indicative Transformer & HV Compound 0.3MB .PDF
Drawing 007 - Indicative Cooler 0.3MB .PDF
Drawing 008 - Indicative Energy Management Building 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 009 - Indicative Weldmesh Fencing 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 010 - Indicative Weldmesh Gate Detail 0.3MB .PDF
Drawing 011 - Indicative Diesel Generator 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 012 - Indicative Switchgear Container 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 013 - Indicative Main Control Room Elevations 0.2MB .PDF
Drawing 014 - North Facing Elevation 0.8MB .PDF
Drawing 015 - Indicative Drainage Plan 0.3MB .PDF
Drawing 016 - Security Column 0.3MB .PDF
Drawing 017 - Landscape Mitigation Plan 0.7MB .PDF