Ancala Partners

Ancala Case Study

Ancala Partners is an infrastructure investment manager that has a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects, including photovoltaics, hydropower and anaerobic digestion.

In 2016 they successfully acquired two portfolios of 21 solar farms across UK with a total installed capacity close to 100 MW. 

To secure attractive funding for their first solar portfolio acquisition in February 2016, Ancala searched for a long term PPA that could support an 18 year term loan.  Statkraft was able to offer 20 year PPAs with long term floor prices and terms which satisfied their lender’s requirements.

Ancala was extremely satisfied with our ability to transact quickly and our guidance throughout the process on their first portfolio of PPAs that they selected Statkraft for their second portfolio.

Statkraft and Ancala have a great working relationship and throughout negotiations we were able to add value due to our experience and market knowledge.


'Statkraft has been a key partner for Ancala and have helped us to deliver a hands-on approach to asset management that realises enhanced, risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Statkraft’s flexibility and responsiveness in structuring a bespoke PPA that met the requirements of both ourselves and our banks was impressive and allowed us to secure an attractive financing for our acquisitions.'

Francois-Xavier Arhanchiague, Associate at Alcala Partners.