The virtual power plant and how it works

Virtual Power Plant UK

In the UK, our energy landscape is transitioning quickly from steady thermal plants to intermittent renewable energy.

Negative power prices are becoming more common and there are greater concerns about brown- and black-outs. As a result, there is now a demand from both generators and consumers to upgrade to a smarter system, which integrates the benefits of clean, renewable energy and the consistency of traditional plants.

The PPA team at Statkraft is working towards connecting all of our PPA portfolio assets to our virtual power plant (VPP) to provide an effective way of measuring real-time power generation from connected assets. This will also offer the possibility to adjust power generation to meet power demands.

In Germany, ‘downregulation’ (the ability to adjust power generation) is already mandatory, and Statkraft has been running its VPP there since 2012. This VPP has a capacity greater than 10,000 MW, making it one of the biggest power generation facilities in Europe. It has the capability to turn generation from individual assets up and down within seconds, increasing their flexibility and enabling us to match German demand in real-time.

Statkraft Unity, our trading platform, allows our customers’ intermittent renewable generation to be scheduled seamlessly. The flexibility of the renewable plants can thus be fully leveraged and work to the advantage of the power generators as well as the grid operators and energy consumers.