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Welcome to the Ackron Wind Farm project page

We are looking at options to construct a new wind farm 2km south east of Melvich, Sutherland. This website will be kept updated over the development period to keep you informed, and allow you to ask us questions and tell us what you think.


Find your frequently asked questions here

If you cant find your quesion here, please leave us your question in the form on the bottom of the page and we will give you an answer as soon as we can.  

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Local Suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through inward investment, a...

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Project timeline

  • Stage 1: Site Selection (12 months)

    Extensive research to identify suitable sites. No public engagement is carried out during this time because the site may not pass the criteria required.



  • Stage 2: Pre-Planning (12 - 18 months)

    Request the view of Highland Council on the level of study required (known as "Scoping"). Sometimes an application for a Met Mast is submitted to measure wind speed at the site.

  • Stage 3: Submit Planning Application, and Decision (12 months)

    An application is submitted to the Highland Council, accompanied by a comprehensive EIA Report showing the results of all studies undertaken. This is publicly available information.


  • Stage 4: Construction (12 - 18 months

    If approved, construction begins at least one year after consent.

    Construction typically takes 12-18 months and planning conditions are used to manage elements of construction.


  • Stage 5: Operation (30 years)

    Turbines are managed by an on-site maintenance team, and operation is controlled by detailed planning conditions.A community fund is active throughout to support worthwhile community initiatives.


  • Stage 6: Decommissioning (12 months)

    At the end of the planning period, turbines are removed and the site restored. A financial bond is in place to cover this cost. 


The project team

Alison Hood
Communications Manager - UK Projects
Lloyd Godwin
Senior Project Manager
Maya Hernes
Senior Project Manager
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