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Visualisation of proposed turbines at Tittynans Hill Energy Isles Wind Farm

Visualisation of proposed turbines at Tittynans Hill Energy Isles Wind Farm

Energy Isles Wind Farm

Energy Isles Wind Farm was first identified in 2012 and established by Energy Isles Limited, a consortium of over fifty mainly Shetland-based businesses with a strong desire to ensure that the benefits of Shetland's emerging new renewable energy sector are retained as far as possible within the isles, working together to develop a wind farm in the north of Yell.

In 2019, Energy Isles Limited announced a development partnership with Statkraft, Europe's largest generator of renewable energy.

This project has evolved throughout this time - starting from a 63 turbine scheme to the 18 turbines presently proposed. This has all been as a result of several consultation events and feedback from statutory bodies.

This website provides the latest project news since late 2019. To view the planning application and history of the project visit


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Local Suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through inward investment, a...

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Project timeline

  • Stage 1: Site Selection

    The site was first assessed in 2012. Research has shown exceptionally good wind speed and minimal technical constraints on the site.

  • Stage 2: Pre-Planning

    The Energy Isles team has been working on the design and layout over the past six years to get to the design and layout you see today. 


  • Stage 3: Submit Planning Application, and Await Decision

    In May 2019 an application was submitted to the Scottish Government, accompanied by a comprehensive Environmental Report showing the results of all studies undertaken. View here.

  • Stage 4: Submit Further Information, and Await Decision

    In Summer 2020 more information will be submitted. This is available to view here.


  • Stage 5: Submit Further Information, and Await Decision

    In September 2021, a further round of plans were submitted based on feedback from statutory consultees and the local community. The plans can be viewed here

  • Stage 6: Construction

    If approved, construction begins at least one year after consent. Construction typically takes 12-18 months and planning conditions are used to manage elements of construction.


  • Stage 7: Operation (30 years)

    The turbines are managed from an on-site maintenance team, and operations are controlled by detailed planning conditions.

    A community fund is active throughout, for worthwhile community initiatives.

  • Stage 8: Decommissioning

    At the end of the planning period, turbines are removed and the site is restored. A parent company guarantee or financial bond is in place to cover this cost. 

The project team

Rebecca Todd
Project Manager
Seumas Skinner
Community Liaison Manager

Energy Isles videos

Energy Isles overview webinar

From 5 October 2021

Energy Isles Peat and Ecology

From 7 October 2021

Member of

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