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Twentyshilling Hill Wind Farm

Project Updates 

June 2021

The first turbine components were delivered to site on the 29 June and 1 July. The deliveries consisted of a nacelle, drive train and hub.

Local Residents are being kept up to date with turbine delivery information via a text messaging service. If you would like to register for the service please text Doug Wilson, on 07542 754 642.

April 2021

Work to construct a turning head just outside Sanquhar for turbine deliveries is well underway. Delivery vehicles cannot make a left turn at Eliock Bridge. The turning head allows vehicles to safely turn around off the main road and make a right turn at the Eliock Bridge on the way to site. The work is due for completion shortly and will allow the turbine component deliveries to commence in June 2021.

March 2021

The trial run to ensure the safe delivery of turbine components to site was undertaken. The trial simulated a blade delivery, the largest component, along the route to site. The trial went very well, highlighting a couple of areas where clearances will be improved ahead of the ‘real’ deliveries.

January 2021

A key milestone was achieved with all 9 turbine concrete foundations poured and completed just before the Christmas break.

November 2020

Despite the poor weather across the region we continued to make good progress on site. The tracks to all 9 turbines are nearly complete. Work continues on the turbine foundations. We have started to install the steelwork and to prepare for the concrete pours that will be take place over the next few weeks.

We have tried to use as much rock and stone from within the site, from areas known as borrow pits, to build the tracks and foundations. By using the borrow pits greatly reduced traffic using the local roads.

September 2020

Construction of the access tracks to turbine locations across site is progressing well and preparation of the ground for turbine foundations has also begun. Some areas of the site are particularly remote so to make accessing them easier the construction teams have moved to new compound area further into site.