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Windy Rig construction site

Latest updates Windy Rig Wind farm

30 Nov, 2019

Keep up to date on the construction of Windy Rig, Dumfries & Galloway.

Project Construction Updates 


27/11/20  Turbine Delivery Trial Run Planned

A turbine delivery trial run is being planned for Thursday 3 December 2020. This involves driving a long trailer unit along the transport route to simulate the journey of the longest turbine component (the blade).

The trial run would start at 0930, to avoid early morning and school traffic, and we expect would be completed at approximately 1200. The trial run convoy will travel along the B729 from the laydown area south of Carsphairn, onto the C35 and onwards to the site entrance. This is subject to final approval from Police Scotland, who will be in attendance throughout the run.

We will be texting all residents who are registered for updates with confirmation of the trial run. If you wish to register for text updates please phone or text Doug Wilson on 07542 754642 to be added.


08/10/20  What’s Happening Onsite?

Progress has been good, with more access tracks completed and work starting on the turbine foundations. Because we have been able to source stone within the site to create the access tracks, we have managed to greatly reduce the traffic along the B729.  We are pleased to see lots of local suppliers - almost half of our present suppliers come from within a 30-mile radius of the site. We are currently using local suppliers for plant hire, aggregates and piping. One of the local companies, GTR Contracts based just outside Dumfries, supply us with the heavy machinery required to construct the tracks to the turbine locations.


01/08/20 Local roads update

We are pleased to have been able to significantly reduce traffic on local roads by producing some of the materials required on-site. Blasting on the site took place throughout June and July to provide aggregate for access tracks throughout the site. Tracks have been constructed to allow vehicles to move around easily, even in wet weather, and will remain in place for the operating life of the project.

The installation of ten additional passing places along the B729 went smoothly, the passing places are large enough to allow an HGV to pull in and allow traffic to pass safely. Originally designed as a temporary measure, we are pleased to have been able to work with D&G Council to ensure these new passing places will remain after the construction to make travel along the B729 safer for local residents in the future. 


08/06/20  Improving local roads

Work starts this week on ten new passing places along the B729. They will be of sufficient width to allow one HGV to pull into a passing place to allow another HGV to pass safely. These passing places were originally designed to be temporary but we are pleased that after working with Dumfries & Galloway Council, these will remain in place after construction and provide long term benefits to road users. We estimate the works will take approximately five weeks to complete. View the map of passing places.


27/05/20  Reducing construction traffic  

One way of minimising construction traffic on local roads is to produce some of the materials required on the site, such as the aggregates for concrete and access tracks. To achieve this, some blasting is required onsite in areas that have been permitted to be used as “borrow pits”. The blasting activity is carefully controlled and prior notice of each event is provided to the closest residents and relevant authorities, such as the local police.
We would also remind local road users that a text message notification service is in use to provide prior notice of potential disruption – contact us if you would like to receive these, to doug.wilson@statkraft.com

22/05/20  Planning a Safe Return to Site

Over the past week, we have been preparing the site compound to ensure that we can operate safely and comply with the Scottish and UK Governments guidance on social distancing. Currently, our activity on site is at approximately 80% of normal operations on the main windfarm site and we hope to be back to full normal operations in the coming weeks as more associated suppliers reopen their businesses, based on the current Covid-19 guidance and phasing plan announced by the Scottish Government.

On Site

We have created a one-way system in the office compound with clearly marked distancing measures in all of the facility including meeting rooms, offices and rest rooms.  We have also added additional hand wash stations at the entry and exit of the compound.

We will continue to monitor the advice and guidance from the Scottish and UK Governments and make any required adjustments to our working patterns.

Local Roads

Speed restriction signage is currently being installed along the B729 to remind drivers to reduce their speed and be courteous to other road users.

We are progressing work to create new passing places along the B729. The passing places will be permanent and will remain in place after construction on the wind farm. We have been liaising with Dumfries & Galloway Council roads department to agree the number and location of the passing places. We expect this work could commence in early June and would take approximately six weeks. During the installation of passing places, temporary traffic lights will be in place.

Our text notification service is up and running, which is used to update road users on activity and deliveries along the B729. Residents who would like to receive these notifications are asked to contact us. We will continue to use the Glenkens Gazette to keep the local community up to date with progress.

07/05/20  Planning a Safe Return to Site

Following the site closure in March, we have been tracking and analysing Government and Industry guidance as it has evolved. Windy Rig is classified as a high priority project and considered essential in the security of supply on the National Grid Network. We are currently planning for the safe resumption of works at the Windy Rig site.

Please be assured that the safety of our own staff, our contractors and the local community is of utmost importance. The next phase of the work required on site is solitary by nature – individual workers sitting in enclosed machinery cabs preparing ground works. For work to continue, we will ensure that staff can travel safely and independently from their homes to the site, work safely and in accordance with Scottish Government construction guidance.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and there will be light activity on site during the next week to review what is needed to resume works, and formalise working plans to accommodate COVID-19 guidance.


24/05/20  Windy Rig Construction Site Closure

Statkraft is closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 outbreak and is taking continuous measures in line with the advice of the Scottish and UK Governments. Following recent announcements and advice, the construction of the Windy Rig Wind Farm is temporarily closed, effective from Tuesday 24th March 2020.

The site closure will be under constant review and any decision to reopen the site will be taken in line with the updated advice and guidance from the Scottish and UK Governments.

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