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Soay Solar Farm & Greener Grid Park

The Soay Solar Farm & Greener Grid Park is an innovative project proposed for a 370 acre site between the villages of Allerthorpe and Thornton. The project will secure East Yorkshire’s position at the forefront of renewable energy generation while helping to mitigate the effects of global climate change.



The Soay Solar Farm & Greener Grid Park will represent a total investment by Statkraft of around £125m if the project gets the go ahead from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.



Once operational, it is estimated to generate enough electricity to power approximately 18,500 homes.

With an increasing amount of renewables on the British energy grid, Statkraft are leading in the delivery of grid stability services which are required to replace those traditionally provided by fossil fuel generators. Statkraft have proposed a Greener Grid Park alongside the solar project at Soay. Although a separate project, the Greener Grid Park is an intrinsic part of ensuring that renewable energy generated is fully utilised by the National Grid, helping to decarbonise the UK’s electrical network.

To find out more about the Soay Solar Farm and the Greener Grid Park, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or  Get in touch.

Preserving and enhancing bumblebee habitats

Statkraft are proud to be partnering with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to create and enhance bee habitats at Soay Solar Farm & Greener Grid Park.

In the last 100 years bumblebee populations have crashed, with two species becoming extinct in the UK. The land selected for a solar project has typically been dominated by intensive agriculture, stripping the soils of nutrients and the environment of wildlife diversity, yet they have the potential to provide an ideal environment for bee habitats because they can support a range of attractive microhabitats. The variety of dry and wet and shaded and sunny areas, if properly planted and managed, can encourage a wide variety of fauna.

That’s why we're working closely with the experts at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to develop habitat management practices at our solar farms which enhance, create and restore bumblebee habitats. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust provides feedback on habitat, plant species and ground preparation techniques which enable bumblebees to thrive.


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Local Suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through inward investment, a...

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The project team

Charlotte Headley Headshot
Charlotte Healey
Project Director
Alison Hood
Communications Manager - UK Projects
Lucy Kent
Senior Project Manager

Project timeline

  • Stage 1: Site Selection

    Extensive research to identify suitable sites. 


  • Stage 2: Pre-Planning

    We request the view of East Riding of Yorkshire Council on the level of study required. We contact local elected representatives and consultees such as Ward and Parish Councillors.  

  • Stage 3: Submit Planning Application, and Await Decision

    An application is submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, accompanied by a comprehensive Planning Report and Environmental Assessments showing the results of all studies undertaken.  

  • Stage 4: Construction

    If the project is approved, construction of the projects would happen at different times - the solar project is expected to start in Winter 2022, and the Grid Park in Spring 2023.  


  • Stage 5: Operation

    The project is managed by a regionally based maintenance team, and operations are controlled by detailed planning conditions.


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Time to take action

We must stop thinking renewable energy is part of the solution. Renewable energy is the solution.

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