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Net zero carbon solutions

Statkraft believes that renewable energy is both a solution to climate change and more economical than conventional fossil fuel energy. Our vision is to provide pure energy. We aim to support our customers in the “renewables revolution” needed to achieve net zero carbon emissions. We have developed a full range of products to meet all our customers’ energy needs on this journey.

We empower energy suppliers, industrials and corporate businesses to reach net zero

Statkraft provides clean energy supply which can be backed by 10 TWh of long-term UK PPAs. We provide behind-the-meter storage and optimise customers’ flexibility within the energy market. We also trade a wide range of renewable certificates around the globe.



We clear the route to profitability for renewable power generators

Statkraft Unity, our trading platform, allows more than 15 GW of our customers’ intermittent renewable generation to be scheduled seamlessly into the market place across Europe. Statkraft Unity uses a combination of computer algorithms and expert trader supervision to enable flexible generation assets and customer consumption to be deployed optimally.


We enable the construction of new renewable assets

Statkraft has contributed to the building of multiple billions of Euros of new generation assets using our “bankable” long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Statkraft’s strong credit has enabled many third-party projects to gain finance for their new build projects, saving 70 billion tonnes of CO2 over their life in the UK alone.