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What kind of world would you choose?
















The future, our future, their future






is in our hands.

Switching light bulbs and buying bamboo toothbrushes will only get us so far




To safeguard a healthy planet we need a systemic change of the energy system

– a full switch away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy





There is no grey area


The zero-carbon technologies exist and are proven; wind, solar, hydro, hydrogen and grid services.

To the Low Emission Scenario Report by Statkraft

We need to shout from the rooftops that YES we want and need more of these projects.

New research reveals Britons expect Government and businesses to do more to tackle the climate crisis

We want more leadership and less excuses 



Let’s put pressure on local councillors to say yes to renewables in our communities, give decision-makers the confidence to accept plans for green-energy developments, knowing they have our full support.



There is no other option


The decisions that we make today are the most important of any generation





The future is in our hands

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