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Our history in the UK

We’ve gone from strength to strength since we began operating in the UK. The skilled team has worked on renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom since 1998, with a UK Statkraft office established in 2006.

2020 – Statkraft acquired Solarcentury and entered EV charging market in the UK

  • Statkraft boosted solar capability with the acquisition of Solarcentury and entered the UK electric vehicle charging market.
  • Statkraft was awarded four grid stability contracts by National Grid ESO and started construction of two wind farms in Scotland.
  • The signing of new Power Purchase Agreements make Statkraft the leading provider of short and long term PPAs in the UK.


2019 – Statkraft introduces UKs first virtual power plant and aquisition of Airvolution

  • By connecting intermittent wind and solar generation with battery storage capacity and flexible gas engines, Statkraft introduces the UK’s first virtual power plant. It acquires UK onshore wind developer Airvolution Clean Energy Ltd, and inaugurates a Glasgow office. 
  • In August 2019, Statkraft completed an acquisition agreement with Airvolution, a leading UK wind developer, making Airvolution wholly owned by Statkraft UK Ltd.​ 


2018 – Acquisition of the development businesses of the Element Power Group

  • Statkraft acquires the Irish and UK wind development businesses of the Element Power Group, obtaining a large onshore wind development pipeline in Ireland, and a strengthened position in the UK. It ends the year by acquiring Scottish Ackron wind farm project, of up to 49 MW. 


2017 – Andershaw Wind Farm opening and sale of shares in Sheringham Shoal Wind farm


2015 – 120 years of generating pure energy

  • Statkraft celebrates 120 years of generating Pure Energy. Early in the year Statkraft acquired 50 % of the offshore wind project Triton Knoll in the UK from RWE Innogy.


2014 – Berry Burn Wind Farm begins operation, planning consent is granted for Andershaw Wind Farm

  • The 29 turbine Berry Burn Wind Farm in the Scottish Highlands begins operation and planning consent is granted for Andershaw wind farm. Masdar acquires a 35% stake in Dudgeon offshore wind farm, and the Green Investment Bank makes a £240 million investment in Sheringham Shoal. Gingko Tree purchase 49% of Statkraft’s onshore wind portfolio.


2013 – Opening of Baillie Wind Farm

  • Statkraft and Norfund sign an agreement expressing their intention to restructure and prolong their cooperation within renewable energy. The aim is to create a leading international hydropower cluster, based on assets from Statkraft, SN Power and Agua Imara.
  • The opening of Baillie wind farm in Scotland is celebrated with the local community through the ‘Turbine 10’, Britain’s first and only 10k race through a wind farm.


2012 –  Sheringham Shoal construction finishes and aquiring Dudgeon offshore wind farm

  • Construction finishes at Sheringham Shoal off the coast of Norfolk, the world's third-largest offshore wind farm, consisting of 88 wind turbines with 80-metre-high turbine towers and 52-metre-long rotor blades. The enormous wind turbines are spread over an area of open sea covering 35 square kilometres and can supply 220 000 British households with pure energy. Crown Prince Haakon opened the wind farm on 27 September 2012. 
  • Statoil and Statkraft also cooperated on the Dudgeon offshore wind farm about 20 kilometres northeast of Sheringham Shoal. Masdar was also a partner in this project. Dudgeon would provide renewable electricity to a further 400 000 UK households. 


2011 –  Construction of Baille wind farm starts

  • Twelve new, long-term industrial contracts established with major players in power-intensive industry. Statkraft completes the construction of a wind farm in Sweden and starts the construction of two new wind farms in Sweden and Baillie Wind Farm in Scotland.


2010 – Sheringham Shoal construction starts, development rights for Dogger bank

  • Statkraft and Statoil teamed up as equal partners to build Sheringham Shoal, one reason for the partnership being to combine Statkraft's energy market expertise with Statoil's offshore expertise.
  • The Crown Estate announces that Forewind – a consortium of four leading energy companies including Statkraft - has been awarded development rights for what could be the largest offshore wind farm in the world, Dogger Bank off the coast of Yorkshire.


2009 – Altwallis Wind farm construction is complete

  • Statkraft completes construction of the Alltwalis Wind Farm in Carmarthenshire.


2008 – Statkraft acquires Rheidol Hydropower plant

  • Statkraft acquires Rheidol Hydropower plant under a deal with E.ON that also includes 63 power and district heating plants in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. The agreement makes Statkraft the fourth-largest power generator in Sweden, doubled the Group’s production capacity in Germany and establishes a strong presence in the United Kingdom.


2006 – Statkraft comes to the UK

  • Statkraft opens its London office and gains an interest in nine wind farm projects in the UK. 

Discover our full history

Statkraft’s history is inextricably linked to the development of renewable energy in Europe. Although Statkraft was not established as an independent enterprise until 1992, our power plants and business operations date back as far as the end of the 19th century, when the power in Norway’s waterfalls was first harnessed.

Discover our full history