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EV Charging Solutions

Statkraft offers public and workplace electric vehicle charging in the UK & Ireland through its 100% owned subsidiary Gronn Kontakt UK.

Electric car in sunset

EV Charging Solutions

We have been generating renewable energy since 1895. Today, we are using our renewable energy to power our electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

Statkraft owns several EV solutions companies in Norway, Germany and the UK including the second largest EV charging operator in Norway. Our goal is to become a European leader in sustainable EV charging.

Following the acquisition of established EV team and charging network in March 2020, we set up Gronn Kontakt UK - an EV charging business offering public and workplace charging in the UK and Ireland, powered by 100 per cent renewable energy from our own portfolio.

Close-up of car charging port
Photo: Grønn kontakt

Tailored EV charging solutions

  • Public EV charging: on street, in car parks, and on-route on public and private land
  • Workplace EV charging: working with businesses of all types and sizes to offer charging for employees and/or customers
  • Renewable energy portfolio – full solution combining solar, energy supply, battery storage, peak energy management and electric vehicle charging

We offer fast and rapid charge points, 24/7 customer service and work with experienced installers.

Looking for a reliable EV charging partner?

We are always on the lookout for the best locations to place EV chargers and believe that our experience and reliability will help drive customers to your locations. Please get in touch to find out more about Gronn Kontakt UK EV charging solutions.
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Gronn Kontakt UK
EV charging solutions