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Why Statkraft?

Everyone working in Statkraft is united by a common goal: a burning desire to contribute to a renewable future. To lead the transition from fossil to clean energy, we need people who can think in new ways and who want to make a difference. Together we can achieve it. We can't afford not to.

Two Statkraft employees working at Ringedalen power plant
Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen

Unlimited learning

The people who work for us are our most important resource for reaching the goal of a world based on renewable energy. That is why we are committed to facilitating their professional and personal development.

You and your manager will meet on a regular basis to discuss ambitions, deliveries, competence requirements and new learning opportunities. But we know that the best learning experiences happen on the job.

That’s why we encourage taking on challenging work assignments and working closely with your colleagues. With 125 years of experience in renewable energy, we employ some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. By joining our competent community of employees, you will have the opportunity to unleash your potential.

As an important supplement to learning on the job, we also offer learning activities tailored to your individual development needs.

At Statkraft, you will have unlimited learning opportunities.


Global career opportunities

With operations in Europe, South America and South Asia, we offer exciting opportunities for those who dream of an international career.

For many of our employees, assignments abroad are an opportunity to accelerate their careers by trying entirely new roles and acquiring local knowledge in a global context. As Europe's largest renewable energy producer and the tenth-largest worldwide, we can offer you opportunities around the world.

Some of our employees take on shorter assignments at one of our offices or power plants, while others take a step further and move permanently to another part of the world. We also offer a trainee programme with international rotations to facilitate personal development.

Are you harbouring an ambition of an international career? Then Statkraft is the place for you.

Smiling employee inside power plant
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Attractive compensation and benefits

Everyone who works in Statkraft plays an important role in our mission to create an emission-free future. We value all of these contributions and therefore offer competitive compensation and benefits:

  • Market-based and competitive salary based on a comprehensive assessment of the Group's and unit's performance, you position and area of responsibility, and contribution to value creation.
  • Attractive pension and insurance schemes.
  • The ability to adapt your work situation to your private life through flexible working hours and home office arrangements.
  • Active corporate sports teams and exciting training offers at some of our workplaces.
  • Health-conscious and environmentally friendly cafeterias with tasty, healthy food.

Man and woman
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

An inclusive workplace

To reach our ambition of creating a renewable future, we rely on a multitude of people who bring their ideas and strengths into the Statkraft team. We have a diverse workforce consisting of a mix of genders, ages and cultural backgrounds where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Our people are our greatest asset. That's why we work to ensure a working environment characterised by equality, diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect for our 4,000 employees.

We believe uniqueness is powerful and that diversity in background, skills, and gender is key for the success of our business.

In addition to our strong global policies on labour practices, we also have a number of country-specific initiatives aimed at improving our working culture through greater equality, diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect.

To build a better understanding of how we perform on these dimensions and where we can drive improvements, we monitor employee perception over time. We also have several training and awareness programs in place to ensure that our people are treated with dignity and prevent discrimination. 

We have a special emphasis on gender diversity within our business and believe that women should be able to have full and effective participation in the workplace, with equal opportunities for leadership. Our current goal is to have women representation in at least 40 per cent of top management positions. We have reached 27 per cent so far, and we have introduced new initiatives to boost progress, including an unconscious bias training program.

Photo: Christian Houge

A safe working environment

Our most important task as an employer is to ensure that everyone who works for and with us returns home as whole and healthy as when they came to work. Health and safety is far more than a priority for us working in Statkraft; it is a value we live by every single day.

Read more about how we work with safety (global site)

Mind-map with post-its
Photo: Robert S. Eik

Room for new ideas

Renewable energy is the very solution to the energy challenges the world faces. We know that our employees are our most important source of the ideas that will take us one step closer to a renewable future – ideas we want to help realise.

Lotte Løland Nordal
"I can’t think of a better way to help solve the world’s climate challenges than by working for the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe."
Lotte Løland Nordal
Senior Advisor, Corporate Strategy Development