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Responsible supply chain

Statkraft seeks to ensure responsible business practice by avoiding purchases that have adverse impacts on people, society and the environment. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the requirements for our business partners, and we follow up our suppliers through contract obligations.

Understanding our supply chain

Statkraft has a wide variety of suppliers ranging from large international companies to smaller, local suppliers in different industry categories. Understanding the risks in the supply chain is critical for our business success.

In order to manage the most important salient risks in the supply chain, we have adopted a risk-based approach to pre-qualification, evaluation and contracting with suppliers. The main objective is to ensure that only companies which meet our standards become a supplier to the company. As part of the contract strategy we undertake due diligence of suppliers based on known and potential high risks. We have a risk-based approach and endeavour to evaluate our suppliers based on activity, country and value. The main objective is to ensure that we enter into contracts only with suppliers that meet our standards.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The basis for our supply chain management is our Supplier Code of Conduct, which covers health and safety, environment and climate, human rights, labour rights, and business ethics. Statkraft’s suppliers must meet the requirements set out in this document, which are designed to reflect our commitment to a responsible business conduct.

Companies that tender for contracts are informed about the requirements in the Supplier Code of Conduct as part of the procurement process. The Supplier Code of Conduct and contract clauses that give Statkraft the right to monitor supplier performance forms part of all contracts.

Audits and reviews

In order to drive improvement in supplier performance, we undertake reviews and audits of our suppliers. 

"We organise our procurement activities so that we can obtain best possible value, terms and conditions and avoid adverse impacts to people, society and the environment in our supply chains."
Barbara Flesche
EVP Europe

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