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Statkraft has more than a 120 years’ experience with hydropower, and is the largest producer of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Statkraft own and operate the hydropower plant in Rheidol, Wales.

Hydropower is an environment-friendly and renewable energy source. In Norway, 90 percent of all power generation is hydropower. Worldwide, hydropower contributes around one sixth of the total electricity supply. The advantages of hydro are many – it is renewable, it is clean, it is reliable, it is flexible and can serve many generations with low-cost electricity from a local resource.

Hydropower produces no air pollutants, and shows the best Green House Gases (GHG) emission performances of all power generation technologies. This is an extremely important factor, since the stabilization of GHG emissions is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today.

Besides its positive contributions to combat resource depletion and global warming, hydropower affects river systems. While river regulation helps to protect people and the environment from droughts and floods, the modification of a river’s flow pattern also affects fish and biodiversity. Statkraft’s aim is to maintain healthy river systems. Hence Statkraft has developed considerable expertise in taking care of environmental issues and implementation of mitigation measures. Examples of such measures include ecologically determined water flow, the construction of fish ladders, restocking and biotope protection.

Our hydropower plants in the UK

Rheidol Power Station is currently the only Statkaft hydropower plant in the UK, situated in the beautiful Cwm Rheidol valley 8 miles from Aberystwyth in Mid-Wales. Since 1962 the plant has generated renewable energy using rainwater that falls on the surrounding mountains and is the largest of its kind in England and Wales.