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Human rights

We are committed to respecting human rights and continuously work to embed this in the way we do business.

Respect for human rights is at the core of our governing principles and included in our Code of Conduct. Working to integrate this in our everyday activities is an ongoing process, which includes due diligence, mitigating activities where needed and stakeholder engagement.

We have participated in the United Nations Global Compact since 2010 and are guided by the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in our daily activities.

For new construction projects we are also guided by the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Integrating these principles in our policies and processes, we work continuously to respect human rights of our employees and business partners, as well as the community members that are impacted by our business activity.

Respecting human rights

As a company, we respect human rights throughout our own activities. We also engage with contractors, suppliers, and other business partners.

Our commitment to respect human rights is reflected in our Code of Conduct, as well as in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We are constantly working to ensure that human rights are embedded in our business policies and practices, and to strengthen and promote our grievance mechanisms all the way down to the project level.

Human rights management

Our Corporate Responsibility and HSE policy outlines our commitment to respect human rights, including a requirement to conduct due diligence. Taking a risk-based approach, we work systematically to integrate various human rights considerations into our core processes including procurement, mergers and acquisitions, human resources management, capital investments and greenfield developments.

In our corporate level human rights due diligence, we have identified the following salient human rights issues:

  • As a renewable energy developer and operator, we face human rights risks related to potential adverse impacts on the communities in the surroundings of our operational sites, as well as security concerns.
  • As an employer, we face challenges related to diversity and inclusion in our workforce.
  • As a buyer of goods and services we face challenges related to labour rights and labour conditions in our supply chain.

We also recognise that training and awareness is an important means to ensure respect for human rights in our processes. In addition to general training for all employees, we provide human rights specific training for key groups, e.g. management and project teams.

Some of our focus areas

  • Construction worker with local woman
    Photo: Statkraft

    Indigenous peoples' rights

    Respect for indigenous rights are very important to us, as our activities may impact their communities. We engage with this stakeholder group to implement solutions that take both business and indigenous interests into account, and to prevent or remedy negative impacts.

  • Man feeling secure at work
    Photo: Oliver Tjaden/Statkraft

    Security and human rights

    We ensure safety and security of our operations consistently with the laws of our countries of operation, and with an operating framework that ensures respect for human rights. This is anchored in our governing documents. We also require our security service providers to comply with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

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