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£25M Liverpool zero carbon project nears completion

11 May, 2022

A £25m scheme to increase the amount of green energy being used throughout Liverpool has entered the final stages of construction.

The project, which is being carried out by renewables expert Statkraft, will see a ‘Greener Grid Park’ built off Lister Drive in Tuebrook.

The scheme is one of several projects across the country helping to remove fossil fuels from the UK’s energy supply and maximising the amount of renewable energy that can be distributed through the grid.

Construction of the site has been ongoing since 2021, and contractors NRS Group have now finalised all major construction work at the site, with the final concrete being poured at the start of April.

This follows the recent installation of two synchronous condensers supplied by ABB. The final stages of development will now see the installation of the supporting components and auxiliary systems needed to deliver the energy to site, with works continuing into late summer.

Following a period of testing, the site will be handed over to Statkraft, with operations and long-term maintenance services provided by ABB, whose UK team is based in Warrington. ABB have also been responsible for the delivery and installation of the park’s specialised equipment.

The site is expected to be operational in Autumn 2022.

Guy Nicholson, Head of Grid Integration at Statkraft UK said: “Statkraft has invested over £1.3 billion in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure since 2006, and we’re proud to be involved in a project that’s bringing more reliability to Liverpool’s power supply.

“The Lister Drive Greener Grid Park will not only create more opportunities for the city to use green energy but will also contribute to the local economy through jobs and suppliers.”

Planning permission for the Lister Drive Greener Grid Park was initially granted by Liverpool City Council in 2020 after National Grid ESO, the operator of the GB electricity grid, identified a need for additional stability services to the Liverpool grid.

The site will mimic the spinning turbines of a traditional power station, providing the high inertia that grid operators rely on to maintain grid stability. As power from renewable sources like wind and solar is fed into the structure, a 67 megavolt amps reactive synchronous condenser, coupled with a 50-tonne flywheel, provide the inertia required to ensure the network frequency and voltage are held stable.

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