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Sheepwash Solar Farm - Consultation on proposed scheme amendments

United Kingdom / Solar power / Project

As part of our appeal against the refusal of the planning application for Sheepwash Solar Farm, the Planning Inspector has agreed that some amendments can be made to the proposed development.

These reflect changes which we had looked to make to the plans before a planning decision was taken by the council’s Planning Committee. However, the proposed changes were not accepted prior to the Planning Committee meeting in October 2022 which considered our application.  

We have consulted local stakeholders on the amendments below, which have also been available to view on the Council’s website since April 2023: 

  • Relocation of the HV High Voltage Compound further west, closer to the point of grid connection and associated attenuation and landscape screening.
  • Correction to the northern fence line to the development.
  • A reduction in the number of transformer stations (from 15 to 6), a reduction in the length of access tracks (from 3400m to 2700m) and a reduction in the length of fencing (from 4500m to 4037m). This is as a result of the relocation of the High Voltage compound.
  • Reduction in solar panels to further mitigate impacts upon 8 Sheephurst Cottages.
  • All landscape mitigation planting to be provided within the Site.
  • Reduction in solar panels and further landscape mitigation planting to further reduce impacts upon 8 Sheephurst Cottages and the Little Cheveney Farm Listed Buildings.
  • A change to the landscape planting species mix to respond to the Maidstone Landscape Character Guidelines, introducing faster growing species to secure screening more quickly.  
  • Clarification in relation to alignment of the permissive footpath to the eastern boundary of the Site in response to the Environment Agency consultation response. The permissive footpath would run through the 7m space between the security fence and the Lesser Teise. 

Proposed amendments documents

Consultation on proposed scheme amendments

A consultation on proposed scheme amendments took place from Tuesday 5th December to Friday 5th January. All comments were submitted directly to the Planning Inspectorate and will be taken into account by the Inspector.

Original planning application documents

Additional documents

These additional supporting documents are part of the original planning application.